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Winday Infotech strategic associates with Salesforce, delivering a complete portfolio of integrated services that combine technology and deep industry expertise around digital transformation.

Salesforce is as flexible as your organisation needs it to be. Salesforce takes your business to the next level. Salesforce's customer relationship management software instantly streamlines and automates your business processes. By creating infrastructure-as-a-service, your business allows sales, marketing, and support teams to work in sync and see important sales and customer data with more width and breadth, freeing them up to generate new clients and better service existing ones.


Winday Infotech adopt an approach that emphasizes communication, collaboration, integration and automation, thus, removing blockages in software development and ensuring agile delivery for software-driven innovation. We relate lean and agile principles across the software lifecycle, thereby, improving the customs and processes while developing innovation and enabling a responsive feedback mechanism. Our experts build DevOps solutions plug the gap that exists between software development, quality assurance, and IT operations thereby enabling produce software products and services, while improving operational performance significantly.

DevOps has generally come to encompass a value that emphasizes communication, collaboration and cooperation between software developers and the other stakeholders in the information technology industry.

Advantages of Salesforce :

  • Customer success
  • Cloud leader
  • Cloud of trust
  • Multi-rental
  • Complete CRM

Our DevOps Solution Services

  • Build Quality CI/CD Pipelines
  • Deliver Real Time
  • Automate Deployment.
  • Efficient, Real Time Monitoring, Logging and Alerts.
  • Build resilient systems.